5 Tips For Groningen Guys On Tinder.

Most of you probably heard about Tinder. Even if you don’t own a smartphone, Tinder has become so huge it’s been one of the hottest topics at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Athletes made a good use of that app at the Olympic Village. According to the Urban Dictionary, Tinder is “the McDonald’s for sex”. Well, that may be a little bit far-fetched, but there’s definitely some truth to the hype.

Luckily for us, Tinder is a big success in Groningen. Nearly 50,000 students, many of them are single and looking for dates. It’s natural that an app like Tinder would be “the weapon of choice” in the hunt for love or at least a Friday night hook-up. While this article is written for guys to find their way around for a Tinder date, girls can also get something out of it. “Know Your Enemy”, as they say.
So there you have it, Tinder is awesome, and everyone is on it! Grab your phone, start swiping left and right, and if you follow the guidelines below – glory is within reach. That’s unless you are really a worst case scenario, Rick Moranis type of guy.

Don’t be a creep

At the end of the day, Tinder is an ‘online’ dating platform. So as expected, there are plenty of creeps hustling for female attention. Don’t be one of them. It’s obvious that one thing leads to another, but at least in the beginning try to act normal. In time you will see if the girl is ‘up for it’, and if she is, then you can let your true nature loose. Any sales expert knows that the price proposal comes at the end. That’s the ABC.


Have a good picture

Tinder automatically grabs your Facebook photo upon sign-up. Still, you can access your account settings and change the photos. Main picture is the most important one, since this is the one that decides whether you’re getting swiped left or right. Try to avoid putting up pictures with members of opposite sex, as this significantly reduces your chances to get a match. No one likes to see a desirable single with someone else. That’s in case you are indeed a desirable single.


No mutual friends

That’s a big no-no. Tinder connects directly to your Facebook account – it shows the likes you share with other ‘tinderers’ and the number of mutual friends (if any). The choice is yours. In some cases you wouldn’t care about mutual friends with your Tinder crush, because most likely the opinion of those people doesn’t mean much to you. Everyone knows everyone here in Groningen. Believe me, it’s probably in your best interests to hook up with someone completely ‘new’. This will buy you more time before she realizes you’re really Patrick Bateman and it’s a cheap sequel of American Psycho.


Move to WhatsApp in time

While most Tinder conversations start in the same way, a time comes when things move one step forward. No, hold your horses… we are not there yet. I’m talking about moving the talk to another dimension – WhatsApp. The excuse could be anything “oh, Tinder is too slow”, “I don’t like talking here” or “I’m more available on WhatsApp”… but if the result is you getting the phone number, well, that’s a clear sign there’s some interest and you’re on the right track. Admit it, in most of your real life ‘situations’ you would never get this far.


Should we meet?

Strike the iron while it’s hot! You really have to feel the vibe and see if there’s an opportunity to arrange an actual date. You know, the one where people actually meet each other face to face and talk about random topics, desperately trying to impress. Just don’t be too aggressive, and don’t go ballistic if you get rejected. Fear not, if you’re already at this stage – there will always be a ‘Yes’. If for some odd reason it’s still a ‘no’, this means you probably didn’t listen to any of my advice in this article. Now you have to deal with the dilemma about whether you should pay on the first date or “go Dutch”. Good luck!