5 Types Of Students You Would Encounter In The UB Library.

Believe it or not, but we are just one month away from start of the final exam period for this study year. That’s right, June is just around the corner, as students in both RUG and Hanze are preparing for their final effort to finish this year on a high note.

The most common hangout place during the exam period is the Universiteitsbibliotheek, also known as The UB. You’ll find many interesting people at the UB. It’s a kind of a melting pot of cultures, nerdiness, self-denial and despair. Yet, there are 5 most common types of people you’ll meet in the library, and we’ll crack down through that list to study (no pun intended) about all of them.

Here’s our list of Top 5 most common people you’ll meet in the University of Groningen library.

The Devourer

He or she has half of the cafeteria on the table. You’ll find everything – M&M’s, sandwiches, Kinder Bueno, Coca Cola, some home-made food. Full catering service. The excessive eating could be due to nervousness and fear of failing. Ah, all those excessive kilograms better be worth it in the end.

The Party Night Girl

Amazing phenomenon. She’s dressed like the UB is &zo and the study tables are the dancefloor. Don’t get me wrong – there’s no better eye candy than a well-dressed woman, but come on – high heels? Full make-up? Excessive jewelry? You are here to study. Please remember that! After this damned time of self-sacrifice, summarizing and in-depth reading you’ll be able to come back to your former self, but as for now, please come in your pajamas.

The Fake One

Why bother coming to the library if you are not studying, or worst case scenario – reading books? Why you are here? To play on your phone and listen to music? You can do that home just fine, until then, please stand up because it’s too damn crowded and I, who really wants to study, have nowhere to park. Thank you.

Skype Addict

Best friend of the fake one. Why in the world you would chat to your friends / parents on Skype in the library? I mean, couldn’t you find a better background than random people passing by with you sitting on the stairs? Or is it to prove your elders that their investment is worthwhile because you are trying your very best. Please Skype/Facetime with your parents from home.

Don Juan

He’s not here really for studying. It’s all about eyeballing females and trying to make a connection. For the UB Don Juan the library is a perfect setting to make things happen with the opposite sex. He would time his trip to the cafeteria with hers, but the worst case scenario is to sit next to someone like that. Maybe a nice conversation, but you can forget about studying.