All You Need Is Spotted: Hanze

‘Spotted: UB’ has been the big craze among Groningen students for several weeks now, but Hanze University can prepare for its own fair amount of anonymous flirtation. Since 8 January ‘Spotted: Hanze’ is active on facebook and within five days the facebook page attracted more than 1,500 followers.

For those who totally missed the hype (although it seems almost impossible): Spotted is a way to anonymously flirt with fellow visitors of a university building, usually the library, by sending a message to the moderators of the facebook page. This message then gets posted anonymously on the spotted page. The trend started in Great Britain in December, and within a few weeks also became a hype in the Netherlands. The biggest Dutch Spotted page is that of the University of Groningen, ‘Spotted: UB’, with more than 11,000 followers.

In England, the craze even led to heated discussions. The ‘Spotted: University of York Library’ page has even been forced to close after a group of students complained about sexual harassment. Such a thing will probably not happen to Spotted: Hanze, because so far this is the most ‘obscene’ text posted:

 “It’s almost 12 o’clock and I am still lying in my bed. All day I’ve been thinking about you. Of your eyes. Those beautiful sparkling eyes that I wish would undress me slowly. Enchanted by your gaze I will now pleasure myself for hours. With my eyes closed, imagining how we explore all the corners of the library.”

This post was originally posted in Dutch, as most of the posts on ‘Spotted: Hanze’. But the page is open to everyone, and they do publish English text as well. So far, just one, so go like the page and flirt with your international study neighbor! Here’s the only post in English so far, to get you inspired:

 ”I don’t know where you are form young lady, because i didn’t understand anything of the language you spoke to your friend, but you distracted me in the Atrium today! Not because of your stellar appearance, but because of your completely over the top PINK jacket. That thing just burnt my eyes and that makes it hard to study the rest of the day…”