Foreign students involved in crime?

When Simon’s new roommate turns out to be the stunning and mysterious Anna, he embarks on a quest to woo her. To do so, he must seek the help of notorious gangster McSeamus. But at the start of the school year, he will have trouble even surviving his classes.

The television series “North” follows a group of international students in the city of Groningen as they struggle against the half Irish, half Scottish mob boss McSeamus, all the while trying to survive university, make friends, and experience all that student life has to offer.

With a limited budget, the cast and crew of “North” set out to complete a six-episode miniseries with a total running time equalling a feature-length production, using resources and locations primarily stemming from their hometown of Groningen.

On 13 May, “North” will open in movie theater Forum Images. You can book tickets and find more information on