How to be less wet!

Groningen is a fascinating city. You can enjoy of the quietness of its narrow streets, the party at night, the huge offer of cultural activities, the healthiness of going to move the hips to ACLO Sport Centrum and the delightful fresh air on the face while riding a bike. However, there is something that can annoy people, above all international students who are not used to this wonderful place yet: RAIN. This small detail can make us remain at home for the whole day. Who wants to get wet going to the university?? Or who wants to struggle against the wind and the cold water while riding the bike throughout the streets?? For all of us who prefer to keep warm and dry, there is something which, although maybe not changing the weather, but at least easing our ride down the city center and back home. Groningen city Council is going to install sensors in some traffic lights in order to reduce waiting times for the cyclists in the rain and snow. Now that winter is coming and this October is being pretty rainy, everybody will appreciate this initiative. These sensors have already been tested with success and in some places from now on the red light will take shorter than before in case of bad weather. Sorry for the ones who use rain, wind and snow as an excuse for not going to university, but life is life!