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New in Groningen: Robbie from Scotland

Robbie Tighe: ‘The university here seems a bit more artistic than my university back home.’

Groningen offers everything one can expect from city, but without the anonymity and unsafety that big cities might have. Robbie Tighe is twenty years old, comes from Scotland and is studying at Minerva Art Academy in Hanze. He decided to come to Groningen because his university recommended it to him.

Never before has anyone from his university come to Groningen for an exchange, so he decided to be the first one. When he arrived in the city, his Couchsurfing host taught him all the secrets of Groningen, the streets, the best restaurants and where to rent a bicycle.

Robbie has been surprised with the university here because is more artistic than that of his hometown. He feels that he has more freedom here, but always with good teachers who guide him on the road, so this offers him a new style of learning.

‘The night life here is really interesting […] I went to a techno night and it was absolutely amazing.’ He spoke with the DJ and the person in charge of the party, and they seemed very friendly. He loved being around the party people and making new friends.

In relation to the house search, he defines it as ‘a kind of nightmare’. Fortunately, he was able to obtain the last room in his current residence in which he is very comfortable, since he has a large room that he can decorate according to his likes.

What he likes most about Groningen is going to the farmer’s market, because in Scotland they do not have anything like it.