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Pleased to meet you, internationals #2

These days students from all over the world are visiting Hanze University for the first time. Who are they and what are they looking for?
Please to meet you, miss nine-ball.


Stevie Atterbury (23), Chicago, United States of America
‘I am pursuing the master’s programme Sustainable Energy System Management. I can’t think of anything more positive than contributing to a cleaner environment. As a matter of fact the transition to renewable energy is inevitable, and more and more people are aware of that.
‘I do have knowledge of the technical aspects, but I think I will really come into my own in a management capacity. Sure, I could also start a business, why not? I’m thinking of staying in Europe after I’ve earned my master’s degree. Europeans are frontrunners in the energy transition.
‘I lived in Groningen before, last year I was an exchange student. I’ve made a lot of friends, that’s how I got a place to live. Thanks to a friend of a friend I found this studio near Vismarkt, it couldn’t be better. There are lots of nice places, yesterday I went to one of those billiard cafés to play nine-ball.
‘I spent two weeks in Amsterdam. It’s nice, but a little too busy. So I like Amsterdam, but I love Groningen, such a nice place. There are so many things to experience, yet, the atmosphere is free and easy. Everyone is cycling, for me that’s the perfect way to unwind.’