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Quaran-deals: free offers for students in lockdown

Social distancing currently forces us to sit at home for the majority of our time. No more parties, concerts, not even classes! But there is one bright side to this whole situation: great COVID-19 offers by well-known companies. We give you some tips on where to find the best free offers for students in lockdown.

Free Apple TV
First, for all Apple users out there, Apple TV+ decided to offer some of their original shows and movies for free. Now instead of monthly charges you can stream shows from the best-reviewed series “Little America” to the children’s cartoon “Snoopy in Space”.

Learn to cook
If, like many of us, during quarantine you decided to boost your cooking skills and become a Michelin-star chef: well-known Instagram food influencer Angela Davis, aka @thekitchenista, decided to make her famous Appetizer Handbook available for free. The e-book, in addition to 24 appetizer recipes, has step-by-step guides to create six signature spices and condiments. So, all you have to do is get the book and start conquering the world of food!

Read a free book
Social distancing forces us to spend more time at home and what activity can be better than reading during this period? Now, all book worms in the world are cheering Amazon Kindle. The service is giving out 2 months of unlimited access to over 1 million books and thousands of audible narrations.

Watch an opera with grandma
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we cannot visit our precious grandparents who are very vulnerable to the virus. But nightly opera streams at The Metropolitan Opera (MET) are a great way to spend some digital quality time with them. Repertoire is composed from collection of HD presentations from the past 14 years and are available for 23 hours after release.

Additionally, if you are an opera lover yourself, there are weekly student streams of operas, carefully selected for young audiences, as well as interesting lectures about the productions and Q&A’s with some of the amazing artists.

Get creative with Adobe
Already an Adobe Creative Cloud user? Then I have great news for you! Adobe gives away two months free use of Creative Cloud for individuals with an already existing subscription. First, go to the Manage Plan section, cancel your plan, hit continue, and choose the two-month payment holiday offer on the offer page. However, the downside of this option is that it is useless if you have a student subscription from SurfSpot.

Be a business(wo)man
Nowadays every business needs to have a strong online presence. If your lifelong dream was to become a successful entrepreneur with thousands and thousands of customers, then hop on the recently made free 800$ course “Blogging for Business” by the leading company in the field – Ahrefs Academy. Topics range from analysis of the potential traffic to tips on creating click-worthy content.

In addition to all those quarantine deals there are many regularly free services you can use such as Coursera, Open Learn, Khan Academy and many more. Let’s make use of this hard time in isolation and step out from this mess better, smarter and stronger.