Snowball fight Hanze vs RUG cancelled!

snowball fight Hanze vs RUG

Forget Spotted: Hanze, a new facebook trend is born. Some days ago, two German students decided to organize a typical winter event and combine this with the eternal feud between Hanze and the University of Groningen: Snowball fight – RUG vs Hanze was born! Ready to compete? Then come to Kerklaan on friday afternoon (25 January), right where the street seperates the Noorderplantsoen. The battle starts at 12.00. Hanze students will meet up on the west side and the RUG students will take their position on the east side (These are the sides of the Noorderplantsoen where the universities are located). Local authorities, afraid things might get out of hand, asked the organizers to make sure this will not become a new Project X. So realize this is all about fun! Let the battle begin!

Update: Unfortunately, the snowball fight between Hanze and RUG students is cancelled. The organizers took down the facebook page.