Student Real Talk: Alexandra Alexandrova (SCDAI) on inclusion and diversity

Hanze-students Aila and Naomi present Student Real Talk, a podcast about issues at Hanze that deserve more attention. In this episode, they talk with Alexandra Alexandrova, founding member of the Student Center for Diversity, Advocacy and Inclusion (SCDAI) on inclusion and diversity at Hanze UAS.

Alexandra studies International Communication (IC) at Hanze UAS and is currently writing a thesis on institutional racism at higher education institutions. She focuses specifically on Hanze UAS. She started SCDAI with a couple of classmates after some incidents in classes. Their initial goal was to create awareness among students and staff. ‘But we soon realized it wasn’t just about someone saying something racist, the problem was bigger.’

The students of SCDAI are all IC students, but the organization is trying to expand. ‘We are trying to reach all students in higher education.’ Alexandra sees a connection between Hanze’s obesssion with sustainability and the topic of diversity. ‘It’s great that the Hanze is working on making the future more green. But there is a big difference in how sustainability is promoted, compared to the importance put on diversity.’

Interested in SCDAI and want to know more about inclusion and diversity at Hanze UAS? Check out their website for more information. Hanze UAS is currently organizing open talks about inclusion at the university, to give students and employees the chance to give their opinion on the topic. You can apply for the sessions by sending an email to