Student Real Talk: Raphael Fetz (AEGEE) on students and political activism

Hanze-students Aila and Naomi present Student Real Talk, a podcast about issues at Hanze that deserve more attention. What struggles do students face that are too often ignored? In this episode, we talk with Raphael Fetz, an international third year Nutrition and Dietetics student at Hanze UAS.

Raphael is part of student association AEGEE-Groningen, the European student association in Groningen. In their conference on 30 April and 1 May, they organize workshops and lectures with many experts in the field of social media and politics.

The conference is called Social Storm and Raphael gives us a little taste of the subjects that will feature in the conference: social media, students and political activism. Are you interested in the conference of AEGEE-Groningen after listening to the podcast? Go check them out on their website or their Instagram page.