Student Stuff, part 1: Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network Groningen organizes over 150 activities for international students throughout the year. We sit and talk with Silke and Irine, both active committee members of the ESN.

They tell us about the parties, sports events, pub quizzes, live music night, excursions and so on. Should you enlist for a buddy project? Or do you want to hang out with locals? It’s all possible with a little help from ESN.

Check out  their website if you want to join a committee, check their Facebook if you want to see where the action is. And maybe watch this after movie, so you get an idea what all of that action entails.

What’s it really like to study at Hanze UAS? Recorded live during the Open Day of Hanze UAS on Saturday November 9, host Cas Mooij interviewed several guests about the Groningen experience. This is part one of a two-part English-spoken podcast.

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