Student Stuff, part 2: Music in Medical Health Care

On a more serious note (pun intended), in part two of the English-spoken part of the podcast we recorded live during the Open Day on 9 November, we focus on a remarkable collaboration between the UMCG (the University Medical Center of Groningen) and the Prince Claus Conservatoire: Meaningful Music in Health Care.

Our guest Sara Gonzalez-Pastor shares  her experiences playing violin for patients recovering from surgery. This is part of a two year project by the research group Life Long Learning in Music, for which Hanze students can apply.

Sara played – sometimes improvised – pieces of both classical and popular music at the bedside of patients at UMCG everyday for a week. She bonded with the patients, learned the music by heart and gave intimate, personal performances that enriched her outlook on both people and music. Are you curious and ambitious? Or just looking for an informative talk? Look no further.

In collaboration with HansHanzeMag and Medicijn op Maandag