Students in lockdown: Miahi Leca from Romania

How do Hanze students experience the lockdown in the Netherlands? We interviewed international students from different countries and asked them how they feel about the situation. We continue with Romanian student Miahi Leca, who didn’t receive the warm welcome he normally would get when returning home.

‘When I heard that Hanze would close, my first thought was to go back home to Romania. I called my parents, told them what was going on, and took a flight the next day. I was welcomed back home differently than I expected. My father picked me up wearing protection gloves and a mask. He didn’t hug me or anything, we just went straight to the car and drove home. As we got home, I wasn’t allowed to touch anyone from the family before I took a shower and got rid of the clothes I had on during the flight.’

I don’t see how you can get bored, you just have to be creative.

‘I’d say the change is rather unusual and yes, it has had a big impact on how I’m viewing the rest of the study year. I am not sure about anything related to the university anymore, as the numbers of patients grow with each passing day, borders are closed and countries isolated. I am staying inside, I don’t go out to see my friends. The virus really made me appreciate the freedom I had before.
‘I don’t mind doing everything from home. I still stick to the deadlines, since we can hand in essays and assignments online. I enjoy working at home much more, since I am close to my family and the environment I am in is a relaxed one.
‘Solving puzzles helps a lot to make time pass by. And besides that, you can read, play video games, and joke around with your friends. I don’t see how you can get bored, you just have to be creative.
‘If I had to describe the whole situation in one word I’d say it is “confusing”’