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Students in lockdown: William Baker from the UK

How do Hanze students experience the lockdown in the Netherlands? We interviewed international students from different countries and asked them how they feel about the situation. We continue with British student William Baker, who hates online lectures and has problems staying motivated.

‘After the University shut down, I first decided to stay and chill with my friends. But when the lockdown was extended til June, clubs and pubs also closed, and hardly anyone wanted to go outside or meet up, I changed my mind. Without much further thinking, I decided to go back to the UK.’

I try to stay motivated as much as possible, but it’s not easy

‘Now everything is online, whether it is a lecture or an exam. In my experience, online lectures are terrible, especially with courses that require practical knowledge. On the other hand, exams are made open book, which I guess is good, because they are easier than regular exams. But it is still hard to study and keep yourself motivated, because you don’t get the same vibes at home. I try to stay motivated as much as possible, but it’s not easy. Usually, I play games on my laptop to pass the time and freshen my mind up.’

‘If I would have to describe the whole situation in one word it would definitely be “unprecedented.”‘