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Students of Groningen: ‘Dutch love sauce’

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Alvarro Navarro Sitillos (23), Madrid, Spain

‘My main object is to work in a northern country. My intention is to get to know how it is to work among other people with different cultural backgrounds. I was attracted by the Netherlands for it’s open-minded culture, the parties and festivals, the canals and architecture.

‘My first impression of Groningen is the welcoming attitude of the people. I feel it’s safe to walk around here, though I have been warned about bike thieves. I like cycling a lot, always have, though not for transport but for sports. I do a lot of mountain biking in the sierra Madrilenã, seventeen kilometers north of Madrid.

Dutch is a difficult language. I thought it would be easier to understand

‘I even like the climate here. It was foggy on the day I arrived. I love that. I was surprised by the different culinary culture here: the love of French fries drenched in mayonnaise. The Dutch really love sauce, just like the Americans.

‘Dutch is a difficult language. I thought it would be easier to understand. But as I’m living in a flat with three Dutch guys, I might be able to pick up some Dutch words and expressions before I go back to Spain in June.

‘I study Law and Journalism at the CEU San Pablo, it’s a double degree. I may become a lawyer in an international company, but my biggest passion is journalism. That’s why I chose an exchange programme in journalism. I hope I can make a living out of writing, though that will not be easy.’