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Students of Groningen: ‘Want to make movies’

danny garcia_F8A1722 (600x400)

Danny Garcia (20)

‘Flagstaff is just about the same size as Hanze University, 25 thousand students. The surroundings are beautiful, with its pine trees and mountains. The temperature is much more comfortable than in the major part of Arizona with its desert climate. I study Creative Media & Film and some way or other, media and film will be part of my future. For sure, I want to make movies, documentaries and motion pictures. You are right, I am certainly not the only one with these ambitions, but I’m very determined. As a matter of fact, that is why I’m in Groningen. I want to get to know the way other cultures handle questions on art, media and cinematography. One of my Flagstaff teachers told me that Hanze University was the place to be.

Dutch city streets go around in circles. That is very confusing

‘The Groningen people are so friendly. When you ask someone for directions, they just come along and take a ride with you to the right place. That’s no luxury at all, because Dutch city streets go around in circles. That is very confusing, just like other things that turn out differently from what they seem to be. Dutch peanut butter, for instance. It tastes alright, but it’s much less creamy than Americans are used to. And, where is Walmart? You do not have those, that was quite a shocker. I did find a nice thrift shop, Mamamini. Look, I bought this great wind stopper. Next time I’ll go and buy myself a raincoat there. Another thing I like about the Netherlands is all these fruits and vegetables, wholesome food is everywhere.’