Students of Groningen: Will never ever learn Dutch

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‘My English is not as it should be, but I will never ever learn Dutch. I can’t even tell what street I live in, because my mouth does not know how to say the word properly. So that has to improve. However, at the moment it is more important to know where to find it.

‘In Groningen I will take the second semester of an International Business & Management exchange programme at the University of Belgorod and Hanze University. Half a year in Belgorod, six months in Groningen and then on February 10 again back to Belgorod.

Groningen is so different from what I am used to

‘February 10, yes, that may sound like I’m already looking forward to going back, but that is not the case. Quite the contrary, I think the Netherlands is fantastic, so beautiful. I’m really very happy to be here. Groningen is so different from what I am used to. Incredibly many students, and from so many countries. At Belgorod National Research University you have a lot of Chinese students, and some from Kazakhstan and Africa, but in Groningen you see people from all over the world. Just right under my nose. I’m here for four days now and I still do not know where to look.

‘I will not feel alone, not at all because of Anastasia. Yes, she’s also from Russia, she is in the same exchange programme, same year. Another study, though, Biology.

‘What could I miss? Pfff… the natural surroundings of Belgorod are fantastic, the mountains, the snow. I love winter, when Belgorod is at its best. A really nice place for a holiday, and not so far from Groningen, it’s only an hour’s drive from Charkov.’