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Temple: from illegal day rave to techno events

music collective, Temple, consisting of six Dutch, German and Czech students (David Zubrycky, Frederic Blindow, Jonas Zitter, Keanu Dirks, Nils Ehrsam and Tomas Bim) has recently emerged in Groningen, creating events with a unique underground vibe. With electronic music that includes techno, dub and house, the students aim to create events that blur the lines between audio and visual experiences. Hanzemag talked to Keanu and Frederic to find out how they got started and what they are planning for the future. 


What was your idea behind Temple?
Initially we just wanted to create a series of events to bring together art and electronic music that we all share a passion for. 

How did you get started?
Well most of us actually got together on a ski trip which is where we found somewhat of a shared mindset. The final crew was assembled later in Groningen with additions from mutual friends that we knew through our studies. Two of us lived in a student house at the time, and we started throwing parties. They grew bigger and bigger until eventually we decided to organise a day rave. That really marked the launch of Temple. 

Can you tell me more about that day rave?
It was on the outskirts of Groningen in October and not necessarily legal. The guests were mostly friends of ours but it was definitely a success. 

What happened after that first event?
We launched the Temple site on Facebook immediately after and were searching for our next venue. It was already getting colder at the time and we wanted to throw a party in the city this time around. We found a nice location which really had this gloomy underground-atmosphere. It was still more or less a secret event, but we definitely drew a bigger crowd. After that we searched for a new location for our next event. It was the first official one called Kelder at the All Round Groningen. This was our biggest success so far with quite a lot of guests and a great atmosphere. 


It seems like a recurring theme that you choose a different location for each event, why is that?
We really want to create a unique experience with each event. For that to happen, we need a new location each time. We believe that the location itself plays a big role for the atmosphere, which is why we take part of our inspiration from the venues we choose. 

What else inspires you?
It’s a mix of many things really. We usually start with the artwork, which sets the mood for the event. Around this artwork we try to design the rest of the event in terms of colours, lighting and of course sound. But we don’t really want to limit from where we get our inspiration. Our next event for example is inspired by the cabaret Moulin Rouge. 

How do you see the relationship between the music and the visuals?
Audio and visuals are interconnected. The atmosphere is defined by a good connection between the two. It really creates the vibe of an event. We are always trying to combine and merge these mediums. 


What is your future ambition for Temple?
So far we have really been jumping from one event to the next. We try to gain more experience with each event and try new things. The goal is not really to grow bigger and bigger; we want to stay true to our concept. That’s the most important. 

When is the next party?
Our next event is called Temple x Lola. It will feature some sweet French house and techno tunes. If you want to know what we are all about you should come by and see for yourself! 

Photos: Tereza Brezinova