Testing Dutch stereotypes!!

Do you want to see lovely videos full of cheesy moments?? Do you want to see friendship between different cultures? Do you want to experience the respect for the traditional customs and how good is love all over the world?? Ok. Then, STOP READING.

After laughing, hilarious moments, sweat and tears and huge amounts of fun, we are delightful to present to you the new video series called ‘Bea Going Dutch’. We have been working for some time, and we will keep doing so, in a daring project to reflect in a witty way how the Dutch culture is. We want to offer another entertaining point of view about The Netherlands and its stereotypes.

Forcing people to eat nasty sandwiches, food tests with young naïve people, sexy bras for Dutch women, sweat and red cheeks among hot Dutch girls, demands of hospitality in stranger´s houses and much more will be shown in these crazy and comic videos. Through the perspective of Bea, a Spanish girl who is living in Groningen since last year, you will enjoy embarrassing moments very related with the Dutch customs and their way of being. If you want to have fun and discover that you are not the only one aware of the differences between the Dutch culture and your own, ‘Bea Going Dutch’ is made for you. However, if you are Dutch, don´t worry. You will have fun also.

Once a month, a new episode will be release in HanzeMag International website, so we encourage you to watch them and leave your comments. The premiere will be next Tuesday, 6th of November. Don´t miss it, you won´t regret it!!

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