The local sex shop podcast, ep. 1: what is sex, actually?

In this new podcast, Mikaella talks with various guests about sex in The Local Sex Shop podcast. Interviewees who draw from personal experience, as well as academic knowledge, will take turns on many of the subjects that human sexuality entail.

But before delving into it any further, have we stopped to think what is sex, actually? Is it only a physical act? In the first episode, Mikaella and Carla (Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences; major in History, Master in Euroculture) go through the different angles that influence our perspectives; from culture, law, spirituality to Freud and mainstream media.


Liv Strömquist. Kunskapens frukt. Ordfront/Galago 2014. (Engl. transl. Fruit of Knowledge, Virago Press 2018.)Katja Lewina. Sie hat Bock.[German] Dumont 2020.Podcast: The History of Sex: Gender and Sex Across World HistoryIf you have any comments, feedback or suggestions they are very much appreciated! To reach Mikaella, please send us a message with “The Local Sex Shop comment/feedback…” etc as a subject!

About the hostess: Mikaella (she/her) comes from Cyprus. She is studying Psychology with a clinical direction as a Major and has Minor courses in English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. She has been the Activity Coordinator of Let’s Talk About Seks Groningen (LTAS) since 2021. Her passion for sex education stems from the realization of how little proper [sex] education is provided by our physical environments and how much shame is ingrained into us for our sexuality and sexual expression. With this podcast, she aims to give voices to local students and experts to fight this reality and start meaningful conversations!