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The Local Sex Shop Podcast: Johanna’s transgender journey

In this episode, Mikaella is joined by Johanna. Johanna is a transgender woman, undergoing transition for the last four years.

During part one of the interview, she shares her experiences in her transition journey and talks about lesser known facts about being trans. How can an earlier transition affect the life of a trans person? What are the steps you go through to medically transition?

How is the psychologist interview to get a referral for an endocrinologist, and is it sexist? What is the association between transitioning and ADHD? Find out in the first installment of Johanna’s interview!

In the second part of the conversation with Johanna, she talks us through the various medical procedures a trans person might need. She also talks about dating apps and porn.

She explains the pros and cons of different methods for genital reconstruction surgery and shares her personal experiences with it. Moreover, she shines a light on the areas in which the medical field is excluding trans people. When medicine separates between women and men in a rigid way, how do you get tested for STI’s as a trans person? What are the gaps in medicine that look over health issues of trans people? What do doctor visits look like when you are trans? What can be done to make medical visits more accessible?

And when it comes to dating, what do you have to consider as a trans woman on dating apps? What are the limitations to online dating and how do people view you there? What does Johanna think about porn depicting trans women? Is it inherently objectifying?

About the hostess: Mikaella (she/her) comes from Cyprus. She is studying Psychology with a clinical direction as a Major and has Minor courses in English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. She has been the Activity Coordinator of Let’s Talk About Sex Groningen (LTAS) since 2021. Her passion for sex education stems from the realization of how little proper [sex] education is provided by our physical environments and how much shame is ingrained into us for our sexuality and sexual expression. With this podcast, she aims to give voices to local students and experts to fight this reality and start meaningful conversations!