Uncovering Student Stereotypes: The music student

Five students from different studies share their thoughts on students they never met. ‘A creative, talented, lazy student without a back-up plan’ is the first thing that came to mind when the students thought of a music student. But is this true?

The stereotypical music student
In the eyes of the interviewed students, the music student is a creative person who:

  • ‘Enjoys dancing in a dance club and listening to the music’
  • ‘Is passionate about arts and culture. They probably read a lot and love to paint’
  • ‘Wants to give big concerts in the future’
  • ‘Chose their study because they don’t like math’
  • ‘Is lazy, musicians are lazy. Their procrastinating and chaotic character is to blame for that’

The student behind the stereotype
How much did the students get right? Jesse Wienke, a second-year student at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, should know. ‘I do not like to dance in a dance club, that stereotype does not fit me, but I do like to listen to music,  so they got that part right’.

Jesse does agree with the second stereotype. ‘I am absolutely passionate about art and cultures. I love to read and paint as well. This one they got one hundred percent right.’

I absolutely don’t agree with the stereotype that all music students are lazy

Alright, moving on to the stereotype about the future of a music student. ‘It’s my dream to give big concerts in the future, solo concerts or chamber music with other musicians. Other than this, teaching sounds like fun as well. Next to my music I would like to keep painting.’

The stereotype of why he chose his study, made Jesse laugh. ‘Well, it is accurate that I don’t particularly love math. But it’s not the reason I chose to study music.’ Lastly, are all musicians lazy? ‘I absolutely don’t agree with that. When you’re a music student, you need a lot of discipline to spend a lot of time behind your instrument. To do this you need to be healthy and fit, if you want to do it the right way. Speaking for myself, I don’t procrastinate and each one of my days is very well structured.’