Want to work in the media in The Netherlands? Start at HanzeMAG!

Dreaming of your own podcast? Do you have a brilliant idea for a YouTube series? Always wanted to be an investigative reporter? Do you want to work in the media in the Netherlands? Start at HanzeMAG!

HanzeMag is the editorially independent university magazine of (you guessed it) Hanze University of Applied Sciences! We have been closely following student life in Groningen for over 25 years, previously only in articles and photos, nowadays in many more forms: video series, documentaries, podcasts, TikTok videos, theme books, digital interactive magazines, and so on… We also have a separate website for international students.

Nice for you, but what do I have to do with that?
Well, nice of you to ask! Virtually all of the content we offer has been created by students, interns and recently graduated video makers, podcasters, presenters, photographers, illustrators, designers and writers. Since you have arrived here, we assume that you are also a student (or at least under 30 years old) and interested in working in the media in the Netherlands. We offer you that opportunity, in a very accessible way.

Easy. You send us a message in which you briefly introduce yourself. A paragraph is enough, so no biography of a thousand words, we are busy, you know. In addition, you tell us about your current media skills and possibly what you would like to try and learn.

Do I need to have a lot of experience already?
Experience is a big plus of course, because that saves us a lot of work. Are you studying journalism, or are you studying something related to film, media, etc.? Then we often have plenty of work for you. Do you have a lot of ideas, but few technical skills? No problem, sign up too, because creativity is the basis.

Do you help newbies?
Of course, if you have talent, we will work with you, link you to an experienced filmmaker or writer, and help you take the first steps.

Do I get paid for my work?
Well, it’s work, so of course! You get paid as a freelancer, per project (and not per hour). We make an appointment in advance about a price for a video, article, photo, etc. How high or low that price is depends on the time you think it will take, but also on your experience and skills. A graduated filmmaker therefore receives a lot more than a novice presenter. Understandable, right?