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Why is information about Groningen in Dutch?

The number of international students studying at Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen is still increasing, but somehow the municipality of Groningen does not think it’s necessary to translate their information website into English. Even the most basic information is only available in Dutch, which means that new international students often have to ask Dutch people for help. The JOVD, the youth organization of Dutch Liberal-Conservative Party VVD, wants to change this and calls for a complete translation of the municipality’s website.

We asked some international students if they were able to find the information they needed when they arrived to Groningen and we had a chat with Simon van der Pol of the JOVD.

(The first and final part of the video are in Dutch. In order to get the English subtitles, please click on the ‘subtitles’ button on the bottom right of the YouTube screen)