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Winter is coming…

Bright and white. That is the way people felt this morning when they got up. Groningen has dressed in white with a 10 cm thick layer over roofs, bikes and cars. For some people it was just a fact that cold temperatures are coming, although for some others it was a good excuse to have fun or enjoy the sunny day with such a lovely view.

However, bad weather predictions will affect the normal routine. Students can clap hands if they want to, because tomorrow, December 7, lessons won’t begin in Hanze University of Applied Sciences earlier than 11 in the morning. Most buildings will be closed and if the conditions happen to be that bad that even buses can not be driven, then there will be no lectures or meetings.

The predictions say that tomorrow temperatures will range from 1º to -2º, but unfortunately good weather won´t be present as today, so sun will let us alone in a cloudy sky. On Saturday, weather will be even ‘fresher’. Take your thick coats and a good smile to enjoy the -6º we will reach.

Scientists have predicted this winter as the coldest one of the last 100 years. Maybe it will be possible to experience such an event, although maybe the most sensitive to the cold are not that happy. Anyway, as a very famous TV series always warn: Winter is coming!!

More information will be provided in Hanze media, as Facebook, the intranet, Twitter (@Hanze) or the website.