Your Hanze Song Playlist, week 2: Just dance

What song best describes your student life in Groningen? Each week we will add your favorite songs to the Your Hanze Song Playlist on Spotify. We will also share the stories behind the songs here. This week, we focus on three dance songs to start the weekend in a cheerful way.

The stories
First, we have nursing student Kimberly’s Hanze song ‘Girl at Coachella’ by Matoma, MAGIC! And Shelly fka DRAM. She tells us about how the song reminds her of the Hanze: ‘Before Corona I used to hear this song in the bus towards Hanze all the time.’ Kimberly explained that ‘the song is intertwined with my memories of every bus ride towards the Hanze. No matter what mood I’m in this song always lifts my spirits and I can’t help but hum along.’

Annika from International Communication chose Lost Kings’s ‘Phone Down’ as her Hanze song. ‘The title says it all: put your phone down and dive into student life in Groningen’ is how Annika explains the meaning of the song for her. It all comes with a great backstory of how she got introduced to the university: ‘„Phone Down“ was the song they played when I was at the Hanze Open Day in 2017 with my dad and my sister (first time at Hanze UAS). We were waiting in front of ZP11 for the bus to go to the city center for a city tour. They put a speaker right next to the bus stop and the song came on. It still reminds me of Hanze every time I listen to it!’

Finally we have Zedd’s ‘In the Middle’, selected by Didi, also from IC. She associates it with the time she spent with her friends in campus or in class: ‘My friends and I sang the lyrics ‘in the middle’ whenever a lecturer or friend said the word ‘middle’.’ We all love to remember the times we spent with friends, and for Didi that is one way to remember it.