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Enjoying the Noorderzon

The Noorderzon Festival is being held in these days of August, with an amazing weather in Groningen.

This festival includes many artistic disciplines, not just music or dance, but also cinema, circus, literature and even science.

One of the main sites of the festival is in the park Noorderplantsoen. There, since it began on Thursday 16, many people have spent their evenings strolling and enjoying some activities. The park is full of bars and restaurants mixed with stages where you can see the performances while drinking a beer or eat some pancakes.

Perhaps the most special place in the park is the one that the organizers call “Het Dok Dommelsch Muziekpodium”, a stage facing the water. On the night of Sunday 19 the free music concert “of Monsters and Men” brought together so many people that the fountain was filled with inflatable boats, and many others started swimming  to fully enjoy the show. Although high temperatures also incited to do it.