Life during lockdown: Day in the life of student Stephen Hogg

The corona crisis has also hit the international student community in Groningen hard. Many students went back to their home countries, but there are also quite a few who decided to stay in Groningen. What does their daily life look like, now that classes, parties, and all other activities are cancelled?

Octavian Badea asked some of his fellow students to film their life for one day and send it to him to edit. In this episode, we follow Product Design student Stephen Hogg, who returned to his hometown in Ireland right before the pandemic hit the Netherlands. Less than a week later, flights were cancelled, the lockdown initiated, and Stephen was stuck in his hometown. And he is not very happy about it.

He hates his hometown and misses his friends. But he’s trying to make the best of his time by recording a music album under his artist name Spicy Noodle Stephen