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Naked, mad, hero?

What if suddenly you find somebody naked running in the middle of Groningen? Or what if it is you the one who is naked but you don´t seem to care? Last Saturday, 8 December, this was the situation lived by some people in the white streets of the snowed city. A young man, 22 years old, from the far land of Estonia, decided (or maybe he was not aware about what he was doing) to take off his clothes and, despite the ‘fresh’ temperatures, jog a little bit in the street.


The reason? It is not clear. Some media talk about psychosis, others about a panic attack (yes, when someone is afraid of something, the first thing he/she thinks of is going for a walk showing their pretty bodies), but also there are others who say that this young man was under the effect of magic mushrooms. Anyway, what is true is that after running a little bit he jumped into a canal and that is when the police took him to the Police Station. The Estonian was treated there and examined by a psychiatrist, who found no proof of madness. Thus, he was released.

The next target for the 22-year-old boy was obvious: entering in the Makro on the Kattegat (in the south-east of Groningen). It could have been a disaster: getting inside the building without anybody aware of it, destroying things, eating everything or opening all the chocolate bars packets in the store… Yes, it could have been a mess. Instead, what this gentle man decided to do is clean the floor. Obvious!! After some time amused with different cleaning tasks in the warehouse of Makro he was discovered. No crime committed and the footage recorded is a perfect testimony of the incident. Therefore, the police couldn´t accuse him of anything.

Spreading such good activities could only have something to do with the Christmas spirit. That is why, instead of arresting the Estonian, despite his funny actions, the leadership of Makro, in contact with the consulate of Estonia and the family of the young man, decided to buy a ticket for him to fly back to his country so that he could rest and spend the Christmas holidays with his family.

Maybe nobody can know if it was the effect of magic mushrooms, just a pretension of madness or a real psychosis. But the only fact is that, at least, the Estonian guy, who had been living in Groningen for three months, finally flew for free last Tuesday, 11 December, to Estonia. It seems a happy tale with happy ending, or not?