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New in Groningen: Katerina from Greece

Katerina Paxinou: ‘I really love the city, the vibes it has, the architecture, the buildings… everything’

Groningen has about 186.000 inhabitants and 50.000 of them are University students. Katerina Paxinou is a twenty-four year old girl who has just moved to Groningen to do an internship at Hanze University. She fell in love with the city several years ago when she came to visit her sister, who was doing an Erasmus exchange, and she decided to come and live here for a semester.

Groningen has impressed her. She likes the vibes that the city has, the architecture and the buildings. Still, her first impression was the change of climate. Greece has a typically Mediterranean climate. In February, long rainy days are rare, most days it’s sunny. This is why the numerous windy, rainy days without sun of Groningen caught Katerina’s attention.

Another thing that has impressed her most is her university. ‘I really like it because is extremely big, all the buildings are pretty amazing and the different kind of architectures, laboratories… they have everything, I mean, they have a supermarket in there!’

What she likes most about the city is that there are always many things to do besides an incredible nightlife for those who want to have fun.

The hardest thing for Katerina was the house search in Groningen. Luckily she was able to find a room near the center, the park and her campus, although now she is happy in a student house where she can have intimacy and live her life without problems in coexistence with other students.

She loves going to the park for a walk, run or take her bike and discover new and amazing places.