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Serious Request HanzeHuis

Everything is getting ready!

The Atrium in Hanze is decked out to host the  Serious Request HanzeHuis Tuesday 11th of December. The HappyHourFM crew, lead by Mark de Groot, is connecting cables, testing microphones, sound checking, in short, building a new radio studio inside the glass house where the show will be presented.

With Serious Request, the radio 3FM puts in cooperation with the Red Cross every year to raise money for a silent disaster.

The inaugural project was held in 2004 in Utrecht.  They ran the radio program for five days, 24 hours a day, without eating anything as a token of solidarity to the situation in Darfur. The show collected a total of €916,000.

The show came to Groningen in 2009 with the theme “Stop Malaria, play the Music”. The glass-house was closed by Princess Máxima on 18 December but they continued collecting money till raise the amount of € 7.135.707 on 24th of December.

This year’s theme is “Let’s hear it for the babies!”. More than 5.5 million babies die every year from lack of medical care, education and counseling. Every 6 seconds one baby dies somewhere in the world.

Visit Hanze’s own Serious Request house: The HanzeHuis. DJ’s from HappyHourFM will spend 4 hours in this house from 12:00 untill 16:00, playing requested songs and presenting live music. The event is co-organized by HanzeCast, Word Actief and Rode Kruis and HappyHourFM.

During the day lots of activities will take place: Band performances, class, club or association activities, etc. GUTS  (Groningen University Theatre Society) is also helping. They are going to perform a special sketch, all for the many babies who have to go without food and proper medication. You can see them at the Cultuurcafé at 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30.