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Legal Alien: Bojun Fu


Fourth-year student International Business & Management
China, 1,379 million people, 231 times the size of the Netherlands

‘My father is a chemist who works in a governmental organisation, my mother is an accountant. It’s hard to be in regular contact with them because of the different time zones. As the vast majority of my generation I’m an only child. The one-child policy was abolished a couple of years ago, but I have always felt that being an only child is a good thing. You get more opportunities because your parents can focus all their attention and money on you. Moreover, if you have no siblings of your own age you are more likely to spend time with friends.

‘I’m from Wuhan, a massive city of ten million inhabitants in the centre of China. I studied Business Administration there at Jianghan University. After two years I grabbed the opportunity to further my studies at Hanze, one of Jianghang University’s partner institutions, and to get a double degree.

‘IBMS is a really great study programme. I have only one wish. For minority groups like the Chinese it’s hard to participate in the international groups because of language problems. I think that the Chinese should be allowed to work in groups with each other. That way the quality of their work would greatly improve.

‘In February last year I went to Amsterdam for my internship. I worked for the company Bookya, who make an app for musicians and DJ’s to organise their gigs. Everybody spoke fluent English. I had a great time.

‘Hopefully I’ll graduate next summer after my graduation project in Germany where I will be marketing officer with a firm that turns out wind tunnels. My plans are to study a Master’s programme in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. I want to live in a big city, more like my native Wuhan. There will also be better opportunities and more jobs. I’m looking forward to being a graduate and have the freedom to do as I please. I would love to be a marketing analyst in an international firm.

‘In my leisure time I like to read fantasy. My favourite novel is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, a real genius. I also like to watch movies in the cinema I like almost anything except horror movies. It’s a pity that Dutch cinemas offer no movies subtitled in English, but as long as I understand about eighty percent of what’s being said, I’m okay.’