Uncovering student stereotypes: the International Communication student

Five students from different studies share their thoughts on students they never met. They share stereotypes they have of certain groups of students, and we check which ones really apply in reality.

This week we look at the stereotypical International Communication student who, according to the students, is ‘a busy perfectionist who is interested in different cultures.’ But is this true?

The stereotypical International Communication student
In the eyes of the interviewed students the international communication student is a creative person who:

  • ‘loves to connect with people from all over the world during their study’
  • ‘relaxes by watching a ton of Netflix’
  • ‘is passionate about always staying curious and being involved in the worlds’ issues’
  • ‘wants to work for big companies to help them with their communication’
  • ‘has the bad habit that they always want to be the best’

The student behind the stereotype
How much did the students get right? Iris Sargla is an Estonian second year student studying International communication at Hanze UAS. As the stereotype already suggests, her favorite thing about student life is to ‘make new friends from all over the world’. Iris enjoys her free time and relaxes by ‘partying or watching Netflix’. So far so good, but what about her passions?

I want to do something in event management or something in the media

Always curious and involved in the worlds’ issues? Honestly, Iris is more passionate about ‘dancing and performing in public’. Her future plans are also different from the stereotype, she doesn’t want to work on the communication of big companies. ‘I want to do something in event management or something in the media is interesting as well’. So, until now the students got fifty percent right, will the next stereotype break the tie?

Iris finds her bad habit isn’t that she always wants to be the best. ‘I am more of a procrastinator, and I like alcohol a little too much’. And even though she participated in this stereotype experiment, she would like to end with a little message. ‘I find stereotypes misleading; they create a lot of negativity between students. My advice is to not judge a book by its cover.’